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Free in-store pickup. Flat Rate Shipping: $15 to Ontario and Quebec. $20 to rest of Canada
Free in-store pickup. Flat Rate Shipping: $15 to Ontario and Quebec. $20 to rest of Canada

Kroot Hunting Pack Box Set


The T’au Empire may be known for its advanced technology and predilection for ranged combat, but there exists a second side to the coin – their auxiliaries. These alien allies are called upon to fill gaps in a T’au battle plan and lend their strength to the Greater Good, and none are more prominent than the Kroot.

These proud aliens have been part of the T’au Empire since the first Codex launched in 2001, and they’re now receiving the reinforcements they so richly deserve.

Thanks to last year’s roadmap, we already know Codex: T’au Empire is on its way soon, and it will be available first in the awesome Kroot Hunting Pack army set. The book comes with a fancy full-art cover fit for an Ethereal, but the real stars are the new Kroot miniatures, and wow… there are more than a few.

Up first is the War Shaper, a seasoned battlefield commander who takes responsibility for the disposition of all Kroot forces in the field.

They are accompanied by the vicious Flesh Shaper – masters of ritual butchery who take a strong personal pride in guiding the carnivorous practices of their fellow Kroot and ensuring only the finest genetic material makes it into their pack’s evolutionary heritage.

The new kit is packed with character and gives the Carnivores several dynamic poses befitting their natural agility, while echoing the classic style. They also have a new trick in the form of a tanglebomb launcher, whose powerful salvoes add explosive fire support to their Kroot rifle volleys.

Speaking of fire support, the iconic Kroot weapons platform returns with the glow-up of the century. The Krootox is a hulking beast, a subspecies whose raw strength makes for excellent gun-toting cavalry that  can carry repeater cannons and tanglecannons into the thick of the fighting without compromising on mobility. 

These creatures – a divergent strain of the same genetic base as regular Kroot – are treated as valued partners, and the new model is covered in ornaments, fetishes, and bangles to show off their status.

Their riders pitch in by hurling javelins and swinging wicked hunting blades, giving each Rampager a total of seven attacks in close combat. With up to six in each unit, they’re a big pile of melee power to be charging around the battlefield.

The Kroot are so back, in fact, that they even have their own dedicated Detachment in the new Codex: T’au Empire. The Kroot Hunting Pack allows you to deploy an all-Kroot force, replete with thematic Enhancements and Stratagems. The galaxy won’t know what ate ‘em.