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Free in-store pickup. Flat Rate Shipping: $15 to Ontario and Quebec. $20 to rest of Canada

Father Christmas ("Green Robes") (Figura Obscura)


Father Christmas

Legends are tales that span across the ages. They are translated and retold over great spans of time, with each storyteller often adding their own additions to their version of the narrative. From these stories come characters whose experiences and characteristics may change from tale to tale, but who are instantly recognizable to any who hear those stories or see the images that may accompany them. Across the geography of our world, and from culture to culture, there are few legendary characters as enduring, as recognizable, and as beloved as the one they call Father Christmas.

Names have both meaning and power. It is therefore no surprise that this legendary character is known by many names. Kris Kringle, Saint Nicholas, Papa Noel, Weihnachtsmann, Babbo Natale, Grandfather Frost, Sinterklaas, Santa, and Father Christmas are just some of the monikers he is known by. Still, whatever name you prefer or whatever legends you have heard, one similarity across them all is that of a benevolent soul who brings joy to the children of the world, as well as those who are young at heart and willing to embrace the magic of the holiday season.

Green Robes for Retailers

Following the tradition of making new versions of our Figura Obscura releases available to our worldwide network of retailers, in early 2023 it was announced that the "Green Robes" Father Christmas figure would be part of our "2023 Retailer Appereciation" wave. This new version of Father Christmas included all the items that the first came with, including those "surprise" knight helmets, but almost every item has been redecoed for this new set! In addition to the stunning new robes, one of his heads now sports a brown beard (perhaps a younger version of Father Christmas, or more of a Holly King look at the character), his toys have all been reimagined (including some fun throwback Easter eggs for longtime fans of our studio), and he even comes with a new belt designed by our partners at CJESIM!