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Power Rangers Master Morpher Pin Set


Tommy's career as a Power Ranger did not start like most, as he was chosen by Rita Repulsa to become her evil Green Ranger.

In time, with the aid of his friends, Tommy was redeemed and grew to be one of the most-celebrated Rangers of all time.

In a career spanning twenty five years, Tommy (aka ‘Dr. O’) has called upon a vast array of powers including the Mighty Morphin Green and White Rangers, the Zeo Red and Turbo Red Rangers and finally the Dino Thunder Black Ranger.

Today, Dr. O has access to all of these forms via the Master Morpher, a legendary new device mysteriously empowered by never-before-seen power coins.

The Master Morpher Pin Set celebrates Dr. O’s mythic status and includes Tommy’s newly-forged Master Morpher and Dragonzord, Tigerzord, Zeo V, Turbo and Dino Thunder Power Coins.