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Justice The Deluxe Edition

by DC
The greatest criminal masterminds of our time appear to be acting in concert -- but with a surprising plan that seeks to achieve more good than the JLA ever could.
They are the World's Greatest Super-Heroes. But the members of the fabled Justice League of America are about to learn that they aren't the only ones who can band together and work toward a common goal. The world's deadliest criminal masterminds have learned some valuable lessons from their past defeats, and their latest plan finds them acting in concert to bring about total victory--for the forces of good!

Behind its seemingly sincere façade, however, this campaign to save the world is actually a carefully honed scheme to enslave it--by systematically discrediting and neutralizing the members of the Justice League, one by one. As the villains begin to gain the world's trust, our heroes must redouble their efforts to expose the truth--to fight...for JUSTICE!

The DC Universe is stunningly reimagined in this epic tale from celebrated writer Jim Krueger (Earth X, Universe X) and acclaimed artists Alex Ross (Kingdom Come, Marvels) and Doug Braithwaite (Paradise X). Justice: The Deluxe Edition contains all 12 issues of the bestselling maxiseries and includes over 100 pages of detailed character biographies, developmental sketches, pencil art, bonus covers, collectibles galleries, and more!