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Pandemic: In the Lab

The In The Lab expansion for Pandemic adds more variety and challenge to your mission of containing deadly disease outbreaks. Travel around the board collecting samples of each disease, then seal yourself behind bio-hazard doors and send the samples through the centrifuge and separator to place them on sequence cards in the correct order. Now, you’re ready to find a cure!

-Provides two variants that shake up the Pandemic experience: a solo version, and a team-play option.

-Includes the new Lab board that makes finding cures even harder!

-Along with its four new Role cards, three new Event cards, and challenges you can combine with those in the On the Brink expansion, In the Lab creates a whole new world of possibilities for Pandemic.

-Not a standalone product, a copy of Pandemic is needed to enjoy this expansion. Some challenges also require Pandemic On The Brink to play.