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Heroes World established in 2001 and located in CANADA! All items are in CAD funds.
Heroes World established in 2001 and located in CANADA! All items are in CAD funds.

Action Force Rollout 1/12 Scale Figure (Wave 2A)

Do not order instock items with preorder items.
Limit 2 per customer.
  • 1/12 Scale Action Figure
  • Multiple Accessories 
  • Removeable Vest
  • Interchangeable Heads & Hands
  • Display Stand



    Now that you have your items in hand, Valaverse wants you to have the best possible experience with Action Force. A potential transit related production issue was identified in an isolated group on the Action Force Series 1 figures, and you will find recommended instructions below to avoid any potential problems. It is important to follow the steps below to reduce the possibility of any items breaking. Valaverse is very sorry about this issue and is doing everything possible to help you navigate this potential issue. Steps have already been taken to remedy this and corrective actions have been taken for Series 2, only Series 1 may be impacted.
    When removing your figures from the packaging, in their current state, some of the joints may be difficult to move, and
    without following the steps below, your figure could break. Please follow these steps to fix the issue and allow your figure to move freely.

    1. A Hair Dryer is the preferred method, but the use of warm water will work as well.
    2. Be careful when handling WARM WATER.
    3. Place your figure in safe container when using a hair dryer or water.
    4. Use the hair dryer on your figure for 15-30 seconds. If using warm water, submerge your
    figure in the warm water for 45-60 seconds.
    5. Be careful when handling the figure after the above steps, the figure may be warm.
    6. Gently move all the joints. This will break the factory seal and allow the joints to move
    without any issue.
    7. Keep moving the joints around every few seconds until the figure returns to room
    temperature. Once at room temperature your figure should perform as intended.
    8. If you find that the figure’s joints are still tight, please repeat the steps above. If your figure is
    not moved for a long period of time, it may be necessary to repeat these steps if your joint
    becomes tight.
    9. An additional step after the hot bath that can be performed if desired, is to use Silicone
    lubricant oil (3in1 brand). Use a toothpick to apply a very small amount to the ball joint area
    on the leg. Move the joint so that the oil coats the whole joint.

    Some troublesome areas were also identified on the vest closures and foot pegs. Please use the above methods when
    placing vests on figures or initially placing your figures on the Action Force stand.
    There will be a tutorial video on the Valaverse Youtube channel walking you through this entire process. If you are unsure
    of any area of these steps or have any questions, please reach out to:

    Heroes World are not responsible for any breakages to these figures do to these issues so please take care in handling.