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Andre's Review of Dark Spaces Wildfire issue 1

Andre's Review of Dark Spaces Wildfire issue 1

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: Scott Synder is a master of writing characters and compelling situations!
The first issue hooks you, heck even the first 2 pages sink their teeth into you! You meet Crew 513, part of a brigade of fire fighters, 30 women all convicts from the Department of Corrections.
They are putting their lives on the line, literally into the fire to stop the California wildfires. Their past doesn't matter, out here they rely on each other and Ruby Ma Ning, their C.O. to get them back safe each and every shift.
We learn a little bit about each character, and this is where Synder shines, giving enough info to intrigue and make us care, but not enough to make sure we want more. And boy do I want more!
Not only of the characters and writing but the art as well! Artist Haden Sherman really pulls you in and colorist Ronda Pattison makes you feel like you're in a forest fire!
Now I don't want to give away anymore, but I'll say this, when the past of one of the convicts intersects with the present, and an opportunity knocks at the door, it will change the lives forever of the 513!
Trust me when I say this book is hot!
- Andre (Owner of Heroes World)
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